Using FLAMP on a Digital Net | KC2DU

I’ve recently started to focus on developing my skills on various digital methods and tools.  Every Friday night WA2NAN, hosts a digital net on the OVARC VHF Repeater.  This week we started to explore FLAMP.  FLAMP utilizes the AMP (Amateur Multicast Protocol) to send and receive files over the airwaves without the Internet.  We did multiple tests/trials to see how FLAMP performed and for each of us operators to “fail fast” and learn how to better operate with this really powerful tool on our own radios and laptops.We did multiple tests:Send/Receive a text based file that contained a weather reportSend/Receive an HTML fileSend/Receive a file that was tarred up and gzipped to simulate a binary file transferSend/Receive a file that was broken up into multiple transfersIn all of the tests that we tried, we used variations of the BPSK digital mode. This helped us  determine how the changing of the bandwidth impacted the speed and duration of the file transfer.

Source: Using FLAMP on a Digital Net | KC2DU