Outdoor Expo offers variety of wares

Some of the HAMs who helped out at the CANAMARA exhibit at the 2017 Great Outdoor Expo


A Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service group was at the expo to educate people about the use of ham radios.

According to member Denver Druesedow, 20 people signed up to learn more about the organization, which provides communication in times of emergency.

Children visiting the booth were invited to tap out their names in Morse Code.

“It’s pretty cool,” said Oliver T. Kern, 9, of Hammond, after seeing what his name looked and sounded like in Morse Code. He was also attracted to the shooting range of the Watertown Airsoft League, which operates out of the former Empsall building in J.B. Wise Place. The business, owned and operated by Travis Corliss, has team competitions and Nerf shooting for children.